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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio site. I am a print designer through and through. Yes, I can design for web (made this thing you're looking at) but my skills rest heavily in catalog, editorial, advertising and illustrative design. I also like to pretend I'm a photographer. So, if you are looking for someone to create general awesomeness... Then please read on and thanks for stopping by!
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About Me

The Short Story: I'm a Graphic Designer currently based in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee.

The Long Story: I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended Columbia College. I was a Film major with an emphasis in traditional cell animation. I took a Photoshop class elective and I was hooked! I bought the latest version of Photoshop 3.0, ditched animation and went head on into Visual Communications. By 1995 I was done with college and on my way to becoming a Graphic Designer.

Shortly after college I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan and got my first "real" job at a local newspaper and monthly arts & entertainment magazine. I stayed at Advance Newspapers and On-the-Town Magazine for 2 years before joining the Advertising Department at Meijer Corporation, a Midwest retailer. I quickly climbed from Production Artist to Jr. Art Director in the 3 years that I spent there. In order to be closer to family we moved South to Tennessee where I procured a job as an Art Director at a small Advertising Agency. A great opportunity opened up to start an in-house Graphics Department at a textiles manufacturing facility where I spent the next 6 years creating anything from corporate collateral to product packaging and catalogs to tradeshow booth and Illustrative design.

Now I split my time between being the Senior Graphic Designer at the Chattanooga Publishing Company where I am responsible for specialty marketing and advertising campaign design, editorial design and part-time photographer and running my own freelance business.

A bit more: I am well versed in all aspects of print design including prepress production with specialties in catalog layout, logo creation, illustration and packaging. I have over 14 years of experience in the industry and I am currently available for freelance design work.

Drop me an email at to inquire about my rates and availability. All inquiries are welcome.

Now for something different: Here are 10 things about me that I like other than this whole design thing... and in no particular order: Scary Movies, Vans (the shoes, not Creeper mobiles), Hot Sauce, Star Wars, Land Rovers, Comic Books, The Band 'Clutch', Toys, Camping, and neckwear.

By now you're probably saying: "But how on Earth do you say this last name?" Well, I'll make it easy for you and give it to you like this: ra - tuh - check (Just like Webster would write it).

Some of my favorite places: Listed below are some of my favorite sites for inspiration and time wasting.

ffffound!      the DieLine      Graphic-Exchange      designworklife      booooooom      Geek-Art      Type Theory      COLOURlovers      Ads of the World      Creatica      the Design Inspiration      Smashing Magazine      Deviant Art

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If you're looking to get a quote, talk to me about your business design needs or just want to reach out to me and say "you're awesome", then please fill out the webform below. Just takes a few seconds! If you want to download my resume or get a brief sampling of my work, then just click those big buttons on the right. I also want to call attention to the funny little icons in the navigation. There you can find me on facebook, linkedin, or twitter.

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Chatter was doing a story about Cross Fit and a guy who is doing it out of his garageā€¦ hence the title. I decided that the grungy hard edged diamond-plate was a good fit and went with it. I really like my intro and typography. Read More
Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

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